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  • 11/04/19--10:45: Hot beak, warm feet. ?
  • my bird has had a hot beak for 2 days now. When i put my finger to his beak i can feel the heat bouncing off my baby. His / her beak is hot and when he put his tongue on my finger i could feel hot breath. His feet is warm too.

    He is eating and moving around normally and He is active he has been playing with his foot toys today so nothing different has changed here. I give him a shower spray using mist bottle today and he dried pretty quickly. House is not too hot just right.

    His poop is green with a bit of white in it. Is there anything i should do or look out for. ?

    I have never felt his beak this warm since i have had him so i have noticed something new which is why i am concerned.

    Something else new that i noticed is the way he sleeps. He has always slept with his head over his shoulder tucked into his feathers but now when he sleeps he droops his head down, is this normal ?

    Gabbana is 21 weeks old. Still a baby. He eats the parrot mixture of seeds, nuts etc, he loves apple and broccoli which are his favourite. He has kale/ spinach leaves, and has had a couple of blueberries today too just to add.

    He has not ate anything different hmm. Any ideas ?

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    Hi All. What do you feed your ring neck. What does your bird tend to eat most.

    Here's what Gabbana eats.

    He has his daily parrot mix which contains seeds, nuts, dried fruits, and chillies. He always leaves the monkey nuts and does not entertain the chillies.

    I also provide him with a second seed bowl that has smaller seeds for parakeets a tropical mix.

    In his bigger bowl ( food bowl ) i supply him with kale, romaine lettuce, and broccoli which he seems to like the best, he gets apple, grapes, blueberries, which he eats. He wont eat orange, kiwi, cherries, peach, or banana, he will have a little bit of a pear. He eats peas, sweet corn, cooked peppers, but he nibbles on them. I split these up so he has a variety through out the week. I tried him with cooked chicken which he use to entertain but he leaves it now.

    What do you feed your ring neck daily ?

    Do you change his diet slightly during winter ?

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    Generally, the birds all get let out of their cages to play around in their play area on top of the their cages when someone is home. The Budgie, Kiwi, has taken a liking to flying into the room where I keep my bonded IRN, Mango, and Cockatiel, Peach. He will even dive bomb through a narrowly cracked door to get in, or take the long way around through a hallway. When there, he seeks out either Mango or Peach and gets in their face, chatting away. He will spar lightly with Peach, but Mango will take a full lunge at him and causally continue to pursue. Kiwi is quick, but I'm sure some day Mango will get him and that will be it. The situation is getting more dramatic since Kiwi can mimic all of Mango's and Peach's sounds, and there ends up being a calling match across the house. Kiwi is not really my bird, but I feel bad for him being alone (away from the other birds anyway) in the living room, and since he is flighted and unbonded, he is difficult to work with. I'd like for them to all get along and I've brought in Kiwi's play perch, but he still prefers to pester Mango and Peach. It takes a few minutes to get him to fly "out" of the room back to his play perch.

    Here he is trying to take over Mango's bath time. One good thing though is that since he's seen the other birds eating their chop, he's given it a try and seems to like it, but only seems to pick at what's on Mango's and Peach's cage, not what's in his cage.

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    Who does this Budgie think he is?-budgie-irn-20190906_132624.jpg  

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  • 11/24/19--10:18: New IRN, possibly
  • Hi all!

    My fiance and I are going to visit a rescue and two birds in particular have stuck out to me: an IRN and a special needs cockatiel.
    We already have a GCC and an African Grey.
    I've never owned a bird like an IRN so does anyone have any advice on meeting this bird or owning this bird, how to interact and gain its trust?
    Thank you!

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    Alright, today was the first time I scolded my IRN. Literally, after months and months of trying to build trust, being extremely patient to all sorts of biting and misbehaviour, and getting him used to his environment, he still has some absolute hatred for me.

    Scratch that, it's not me, it's my hand. By scold, it was no physical damage or actually attacking the bird, it was more like him biting my finger to the point that it bleed, for trying to position his bed/swing better since it was hanging literally sideways, so I had a miniature snap and just poked his beak twice when he tried to lash out, nothing hard, literally just like a tap, whilst saying "No!" in an authoritative tone.

    I've been trying to train/bond with him for 6 months straight whilst working a 9 to 5. He's got an extremely large cage, and whenever I'm outside of work, I usually leave the cage door open so he can explore the room, since I don't see him as happy by staying in the cage all his life. He understands who I am and has absolutely no fear of my face getting near him to the point I can literally give him a kiss on his beak without much of a reaction, but anything finger/arm related puts him into an instant defensive pose, lowering his head and backing away whilst simultaneously trying to bite me. He has no issue grabbing food from between my fingers, and, though he struggles and will almost never jump on it voluntarily, will latch onto my arm if it means I can take him out of the cage.

    But I just don't get it. I understand parrots take a while to bond, since my family had a African Grey that bonded to me when I was still a kid and was an excellent childhood pet throughout. Is it because it wasn't hand raised? I just don't understand what else I can do. I followed the step by step guide on taming/training him on this forum, letting him dictate what happens, walking into my room cautiously/slowly if he shows fear, but no matter what, he's still the same bird I bought when he was 2 months. Apart from the fact that he can jump onto my arm, absolutely nothing has changed.

    He will honestly prefer hurting himself by flying away and taking risky routes around the room rather than get into his cage/get onto my arm so I can take him into his cage, WHEN IT'S HIS TIME TO SLEEP. He'll do anything to avoid my hand/arm if it has no food whatsoever. I've been trying to associate my hand with good things, but he just doesn't care.

    I love the bird a lot, and I spent most of my childhood with the African Grey where he had no worries simply answering a whistle and jumping onto my shoulder. He had no fear of my hands so he had no issue with letting me pet him or jumping onto my arm to move place to place.

    Any assistance would be amazing. I'm thinking about passing on this bird to my dad if he just can't behave. Clicker training doesn't even work on him, he doesn't associate the click with food, he doesn't... Understand anything. It's annoying.

    Edit: Trying to make it up to him now by giving him a tiny bit of apple. He calmly stepped up onto the edge of the cage. Tried to ask for a whistle, he responded back instantly. Doesn't seem to hold a grudge. In general, he's happy, constantly whistling/singing throughout the day and then constantly moving during the afternoon.